Some of our students will be participating in this year's Music Evaluation Day held at Bluffton University! It is for any of our ambitious piano students who might be interested! The date for the event is Saturday, April 7.  It requires 3 memorized pieces, sight-reading, ear training, technique, and written theory. The event is really beneficial in ensuring you have a well-rounded set of skills! If students pass all of the events, they receive a plaque at the end of the event! The event is run by teachers of the Middle West OMTA. (Ohio Music Teachers Association). 

A few of the students from last year! 

Christmas Recital Success!
‚ÄčTo make things in our community a little bit more festive, our music students prepare a piece to share at one of our recitals! Most of the Christmas recitals are held at local nursing homes. The residents just love when the kids come to play their music! Here are a few pictures from recitals this year! 

7th Annual Performathon:

Ribbon Festival means lots of young musicians are memorizing music

Posted by Fred Steiner on November 14, 2013 - 5:57pm

In all, 299 student musicians, representing 33 area teachers, will be performing in Ribbon Festival, held Saturday, Nov. 23, at Bluffton University’s Mosiman and Yoder recital halls.

"Ribbon Festival is made possible by the Middle West Ohio Music Teachers Association. Ribbon Festival provides the opportunity for a positive performance experience for students of any age or skill leve," said Krysti Schey, of Krysti's Music Studio, Bluffton.  

"Each registered student performs one piece (preferably memorized) in a one-hour time block recital setting," she said.  

"A qualified adjudicator provides positive written remarks and constructive feedback on a comment sheet.  At the conclusion of each recital hour, each student receives a certificate, ribbon and comment sheet. Family and friends are welcomed and encouraged to attend the event"

Here are the Ribbon Festival performance locations and times for students of Krysti’s Music Studio who are participating in the event. Instruments represented in the event will be piano, voice, violin and guitar.

Gilliom 8 a.m.
Andrew Behrendt, Lauren Bish, Nick Lovett, Kenny Lovett, Morgan McVetta, Libby McVetta, Paige McVetta

Yoder 8 a.m.
Melia Santillanez, Jazmin Ordonez, Ella Crist, Anna Biesecker-Mast, Landon Novak, Danielle Novak, Kate Strickler, Ryan Strickler, Evan Mayden, Xavier Diller, Allison Diller

Gilliom 9 a.m.
Nicholas Jebsen, Amy Jebsen, Luke Jebsen

Yoder 9 a.m.
Celeste Stauber, Audra Snyder, Lily Diehl

Gilliom 10 a.m.
Sophie Bricker, Noah Bricker

Yoder 10 a.m.
Grace Cech, Miranda Schutz, Olivia Amstutz

Gilliom 11 a.m.
Owen Kohli, Jaden Kohli, Rosemary Carman

Yoder 11 a.m.
Matt Jordan, Ian Rex

Gilliom 1:15 p.m.
Kaelin Weissling, Jocelyn Ochoa, Jonah Rehm, Micah Rehm, Rebekah Rehm

Yoder 1:15 p.m.
Zoe Shank, Zoe Hunsaker, Elihu Hunsaker

Gilliom 2:15 p.m.
Courtney Barnett, Lucie Fett, Maggie Fett, Patrick Estell, Carter Dailey

Yoder 2:15 p.m.
Melea Allen

Gilliom 3:15 p.m.
Sable Siebeneck, Elydia Mars, Regan Oaks, Drew Oaks, Jay Oaks

Yoder 3:15 p.m.
Jennifer Burkholder, Carter Brand, Noah Brand

Gilliom 4:15 p.m.
Ethan Nickel, Ellie Nickel, Madison Newcomer, Stephen Hayes, Erica Sheehan, Makena Brickner

Yoder 4:15 p.m.
Caden Hansen, Terron Boblitt, Brianna Keeler, Daisy Stechschulte

Krysti's Music Studio students offer piano duets and trios April 1 and 7

By Fred Steiner | Wed, Mar 28, 2012

Krysti’s Music Studio duet recitals are this weekend and next weekend, according to Krysti Schey, studio owner.

The recitals are Sunday, April 1, and Saturday, April 7. Both recitals are at 2:30 p.m. at Rockport United Methodist Church in Rockport. The church is located at 5505 Rockport Road. In addition to duets, there will be several trios performing.

A sample video is at the bottom of this story.

April 1 performers
Olivia Amstutz, Courtney Barnett, Josh Bracy, Landon Cluts, Allison Diller, Xavier Diller, Amanda Dunn, Lucie Fett, Maggie Fett, Stephen Hayes, Julianna Hotmire, Brianna Keeler, Kenzington Kottenbrock, Drew Lovett, Kenny Lovett, Jack Marcum, Sophie Marcum, Evan Mayden, Grace Myers, Jocelyn Ochoa, Marissa Schutz, Sarah Schutz, Duncan Scott, Katie Scott, Erica Sheehan, Elita Smith, Emily Sycks, Jane Sycks, Megan Sycks, Lindsay Theis and Elizabeth Turnwald.
April 7 performers
Libby McVetta, Morgan McVetta, Paige McVetta, Madison Newcomer, Danielle Novak, Landon Novak, Cyrus Schafer, Lewis Schafer, Celia Smith, Maria Spallinger, Olivia Spallinger, Kate Strickler, Lindsay Strickler, Ryan Strickler, Annie Talbot, Dylan Whitlow and Jasmine Whitlow.

The recitals are open to the public with no admission charge. The video accompanying this story is of Maggie and Lucie Fett performing Coconut Shuffle.

For the Video click above.



 Young Musicians Start on a Good Note at Krysti's Studio

Submitted by editor on Wed, 02/15/2012 - 11:10

by Kendra Olson On Main Street in Bluffton stands a two story house with a neat little yard. From the outside it seems no more significant than the houses that surround it, but to nearly one hundred and twenty aspiring musicians it has become known as Krysti’s Music Studio.
Started by Philip and Krysti Schey, the studio offers lessons in piano, voice, guitar, beginner’s violin, and music theory and composition. Students of all ages come from near and far to learn and master the instruments. Lessons are provided by several qualified teachers, including Philip and Krysti, for everyone from adults who would like to learn something new or brush up on an old hobby to three year olds. The Scheys’ teaching style is very unique, especially for the youngest students. Krysti said that if she is getting a new student she actually prefers them to be a little younger than what is normally accepted.
“Even at three years old, there are things that the students can do,” she says. “It’s not a typical piano lesson that most people remember from their childhood. We do music games, we do rhythms, we learn about high notes and low notes, we create sounds on the piano to sound like different things that they would already know about: birds singing, elephants stomping, and that kind of thing.”
The teachers at Krysti’s Music Studio are very skillful with the instruments they play, most of them holding college degrees in music. They have a passion for what they do and are excited to pass it on to their students. The Scheys believe that it is very important to promote a fun, encouraging atmosphere for their students to thrive in, and have made it a point to choose teachers that are willing and able to conduct classes in such a way.
“We try to fit the students’ needs,” Krysti said.
Every student is taken from where they are and guided to higher levels depending on their abilities and determination to learn. A student’s interests are also kept in mind. If they find a style of music that they really enjoy or are aspiring to go to college for music, their teacher will try to develop lessons that will help them succeed.
Not only do the students at the studio get quality one-on-one time, they are also provided opportunities to practice performing in front of an audience. Every year the studio schedules several Christmas and spring recitals. This year they are planning two duet recitals at Rockport United Methodist Church, giving students an exciting opportunity to play with each other on the stage. But skill with instruments is not all that music lessons provide. See full story in The Bluffton News

Jane Sycks piano recital July 9
(Jane is one of our students and a student teacher)

By Fred Steiner | Mon, Jun 27, 2011
Jane Sycks

Jane Sycks will give a piano recital at 2 p.m. on Saturday, July 9, in the sanctuary of the Bluffton Presbyterian Church.

Pieces to be played include Toccata by Khachaturian, Prelude by Bach, Moonshadows on the Mountain by Jennifer Lian, Pavanne by Martin Gould, the Haydn Sonata, March Wind by MacDowell and Debussy’s Clair de Lune.

The recital is free and open to the public.

Krysti's Music Studio has three recitals in May

By Fred Steiner | Wed, May 18, 2011

Krysti’s Music Studio has three recitals coming up. Each recital features different performers and pieces.

Recitals are held at Rockport United Methodist Church (5505 Rockport Rd, Columbus Grove address). The recitals are free and open to the public.

"Come listen to some great music and support these students who have been working so hard to prepare their pieces," said Krysti.

Sunday, May 22 at 4 p.m.
Olivia Amstutz, Courtney Barnett , Josh Bracy, Allison Diller, Xavier Diller, Amanda Dunn, Morgan Humphreys, Zoe Hunsaker, Emma Klinger, Grant Klinger, Mattie Larson, Maci Larson, Jacob Lehman, Sophie Marcum, Jack Marcum, Josh Meyer, Nathan Meyer, Eden Nygaard, Erik Nygaard, Kaitie Phillips, Kaitlynn Rieman, Kiera Rieman, Averey Rumer, Miranda Schutz, Celeste Stauber, Elizabeth Turnwald, Jasmine Whitlow, Dylan Whitlow and Brittany Woodruff.

Thursday, May 26 at 6:30 p.m. 
Jenna Bowman, Grace Cech, Jonah Cech, Lucie Fett, Maggie Fett, Anna Fulcomer, Anthony Herzog, Julianna Hotmire, Andrew Lovett, Kenneth Lovett, Grace Myers, Regan Nagel, Katie Prater , Brady Schimmoeller, Liz Schimmoeller, Marissa Schutz, Sarah Schutz, Erica Sheehan, Jordan Skilliter, Celia Smith, Maria Spallinger, Ryan Sprague, Emily Stratton, Annie Talbot and Rachel Yoder. 

Sunday May 29 at 2:30 p.m. 
Leila Bazzy, Josh Begg, Lauren Diehl, Megan Dulle, Toria Hovest, Brianna Keeler, Addie Kinn, Avery Kinn, Skylar Littig, Evan Mayden, Madison Newcomer, Annalise Nisly, Elizabeth Nisly, Landon Novak, Danielle Novak, Drew Oaks, Jay Oaks, Regan Oaks, Jocelyn Ochoa, Francinny Oliviera, Junior Oliviera, Lewis Schafer, Duncan Scott, Janell Scott, Katie Scott, Paula Scott, Olivia Spallinger, Jane Sycks, Abby Tuttle and Cara Young.

Krysti's Music Studio is a Blufton Icon advertiser.

5 Myles High - now you may hear them on The Icon

By Fred Steiner | Mon, Jan 17, 2011

One of Bluffton's talents is music. But you already know that. We have a women's choir, several church choirs, school and university musical organizations, a couple street musicians in the summer. You get the idea. There's every sound in Bluffton from Bach to (fill in the latest popular group here).

Then, there's Bluffton's own 5 Myles High. It's a group including Krysti Schey, piano, Phil Schey, bass, Myles Bowers, trumpet and Sean McNeal, drums.

Except for McNeal on drums, each is a Bluffton University grad; Krysti is a BHS grad and owner of Krysti's Music Studio, recently relocated from College Avenue to South Main Street. Check is out at

You've probably heard 5 Myles High perform at Common Grounds, the arts and crafts show, or several other concerts around town. They even have a CD out.

On Jan. 16 they played at the Bluffton University Faculty and Staff Recognition Dinner.

The Icon videotaped one selection. You may view it by clicking here.

We applaud this group and its sound. We encourage other organizations to schedule them the next time you need a little music in the background or the foreground.

Don't be Schey; invite them to perform.

Krysti's Music Studio recitals this month

By Fred Steiner | Sat, Dec 11, 2010

The piano, voice, guitar, and trumpet students of Krysti's Music Studio of Bluffton will perform three Christmas concerts this season.

The first recital is Thursday, Dec. 16 at 6:30 p.m. at Rockport United Methodist Church.

Performers include Olivia Amstutz, Courtney Barnett, Leila Bazzy, Sara Chappel-Dick, Mikaila Cox, Megan Dulle, Brielle Hamilton, Julianna Hotmire, Morgan Humphreys, Brianna Keeler , Emma Klinger, Grant Klinger, Drew Lovett, Kenny Lovett, Grace Myers, Annalise Nisly, Elizabeth Nisly, Eden Nygaard, Erik Nygaard, Katie Prater, Averey Rumer, Erica Sheehan, Celia Smith, Annie Talbot and Rachel Yoder.

The second recital is Saturday, Dec. 18 at 2:30 p.m. at Rockport United Methodist Church.

Performers are Josh Begg, Grace Cech, Jonah Cech, Anthony Herzog, Toria Hovest, Skylar Liddick, Jack Marcum, Sophie Marcum, Madison Newcomer, Jocelyn Ochoa, Katie Phillips, Lewis Schafer, Miranda Schutz, Duncan Scott, Janelle Scott, Katie Scott, Paula Scott, Jordan Skilliter, Celeste Stauber, Jane Sycks, Abby Tuttle, Dylan Whitlow and Jasmine Whitlow.

The final recital is Monday, Dec. 20 at 6:30 p.m. at Mennonite Memorial Home, Bluffton.

Students performing are Allison Diller, Xavier Diller, Lucie Fett, Maggie Fett, Anna Fulcomer, Zoe Hunsaker, Jacob Lehman, Evan Mayden, Danielle Novak, Landon Novak, Drew Oaks, Jay Oaks, Regan Oaks, Kaitlyn Rieman, Kiera Rieman, Maria Spallinger, Olivia Spallinger, Elizabeth Turnwald, and Cara Young.

Rockport United Methodist Church is located at 5505 Rockport Road, rural Columbus Grove.

The concerts are free and open to the public. Join the performers for a small reception following each concert. Prospective students are encouraged to attend.


Krysti Schey

Krysti's Music Studio all-star cast performs at YFC fundraiser Aug. 14

By Fred Steiner | Sun, Aug 8, 2010

Students from Krysti’s Music Studio will be performing in the 3rd annual Performathon Fundraiser for Bluffton/ Pandora Youth for Christ/Campus Life.

Students will be performing Saturday, Aug. 14, from 8 a.m. until 1p.m. at the Campus Life building at 111 W. College Ave. Bluffton. The event is open to the public, and people can come and go as they like.

Breakfast and lunch will be served by donation. Students have been working on raising money to benefit Youth for Christ, with a goal of $3,000. People interested in lessons for fall are welcome to come and talk with Krysti Groman during the event.

Complete list of performance times
8:00am: Maggie Fett

8:20am: Lucie Fett
8:25am: Maria Spallinger

8:30am: Lewis Schafer
8:40am: Erica Sheehan

8:45am: Sara Chappell-Dick
8:50am: Skylar Liddick

9:00am: Danielle Novak
9:05am: Landon Novak

9:10am: Ben Slechter
9:20am: Anna Fulcomer

9:30am: Cara Young
9:40am: Emma Klinger

9:50am: Grant Klinger
9:55am: Olivia Spallinger

10:05am: Elizabeth Selhorst
10:10am: Duncan Scott

10:15am: Katie Scott
10:20am: Annie Talbot

10:25am: Celia Smith
10:30am: Brielle Hamilton

10:40am: Elizabeth Turnwald
11:00am: Abby Tuttle

11:15am: Morgan Humphreys
11:30am: Courtney Barnett

11:40am: Celeste Stauber
11:55am: Jocelyn Ochoa

12:00pm: Jasmine Whitlow
12:05pm: Xavier Diller

12:10pm: Allison Diller
12:20pm: Brianna Keeler

12:30pm: Katie Phillips
12:35pm: Rachel Yoder

12:50pm: Jane Sycks


Krysti's Music Studio students perform duet recital


By Fred Steiner | Mon, Apr 5, 2010

Several local piano students from Krysti’s Music Studio will perform in a duet recital Sunday, April 11, at 2:30 p.m., at Rockport United Methodist Church, 5505 Rockport Road.

The students have been working on their pieces individually, with their teacher, and with their duet partner.

"Students are excited for the opportunity to play with their peers, and even have a few surprises in store for the audience," said Krysti Schey.

One of the performers, Bluffton High School freshman Megan Dulle said, “I think it’s going to be fun – it will be neat to hear duets rather than just solos. It’s different and challenging playing duets rather than solos because you also have to pay attention to your partner’s playing, their speed and everything – we have to work together.”

Teachers Krysti and Phil Schey will perform a duet, and student performers are: Courtney Barnett, Megan Dulle, Lucie Fett, Maggie Fett, Morgan Humphreys, Brianna Keeler, Emma Klinger, Grant Klinger, Duncan Scott, Katie Scott, Maria Spallinger, Celeste Stauber, Jane Sycks,  Abby Tuttle and Rachel Yoder.

The recital is free and the public is invited to attend.

Local band – 5 Myles High – cuts first CD

By Austin Arnold, BGSU Icon intern | Wed, Feb 24, 2010

5 Myles High CD cover

“It’s just really fun to add the atmosphere to an event,” Krysti Schey of Bluffton, said.

Krysti is the keyboard player and vocalist for a local band named 5 Myles High, a group that provides a little bit of jazz, swing, blues and Dixieland sound when they play at various events.

The group formed over three years ago when Krysti was asked by a friend to play some jazz at their wedding.

“I rounded some people up and we had so much fun playing at the wedding we just decided to keep doing it,” Krysti said.

Along with Krysti, 5 Myles High includes Sean McNeal on drums, Myles Bowers, whose name is featured in the band’s title, plays the trumpet and Krysti’s husband Phil Schey plays bass guitar for the band. Krysti also has another friend, A.J. Shank, who has recently been playing saxophone with the group.

“Sometimes it’s tough being the only girl in the band but I think I keep everyone else in line at times,” Krysti said. “But, we really do enjoy getting together and we have a lot of fun playing.” 

The band has played a number of shows over the years and they perform at a variety of different places. They have played at clubs and restaurants in Lima and Findlay, birthday parties and weddings.

5 Myles High has a couple of shows lined up in the near future in Bluffton at Common Grounds, they will be playing Saturday March 6, and April 17 from 6 to 9 p.m.. The band is already preparing to play at a couple of weddings this summer as well. 

The band is also getting their sound out through their first CD titled Straight Up, which they spent most of last summer rehearsing for. With the CD’s arrival this past November, one of Kryti’s big aspirations became a reality. 

“It has always been a dream of mine to be on a CD of my own, so we started saving money from our gigs and decided to go ahead and make one,” Krysti said. 

The CD includes 10 tracks, comprised of some of their favorite songs to play. The band does mostly covers but Phil said they do mix in some of their own music.

“Krysti has written a few songs, and we do some of our own arrangements. Some are just bits and others are whole pieces,” he said. 

The band is planning on making a second, Christmas themed, CD in the future.

“It was really exciting making the first CD and now we have the experience in doing that so we want to make another,” Krysti said.

Besides anchoring their band, Phil and Krysti are preparing to give presentations to local schools to inform students about jazz music.

“We want to educate kids about jazz music and play them a couple of things to get them to see the different types of jazz and give them a sense of what playing in a jazz combo is like in the real world,” Krysti said. 

The CD is available for $10. It can be purchased by contacting Krysti through the band’s Facebook page or contacting Krysti directly at 419 233-5255.